Which Electric Car Has the Longest Range? The Top 3 in the World

Which electric car has the longest range? All car producers compete with each other to produce the best electric cars. It is reasonable. This type of car is considered how our future should be. It is considered helpful to solve many problems including fuel limitation and pollution. However, the development of electric cars is still expensive because of the technology implemented. The battery, the car’s power source, is also limited to power up the car. Interestingly, some electric car products can come out from the stigma of having limited power. So, here are the electric cars with the longest ranges.

Tesla Model S Long Range

Tesla is always on the first row in terms of the electric car. Even one of its products is known as the longest-range electric in the world until now. It is a Tesla S Model Long Range, a sedan with a capacity of 5 passengers. If you are fully charging it up, you can drive it up to 600 km. On the floor, there is a Lithium-ion 100 kWh battery grounded. When it is connected to the charger, it needs at least 12 hours to fully charge it. The performance is great for the dual electric motors installed.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range

The second position is still given to a car from Tesla; it is a Tesla Model 3 Long Range. The range to achieve when the battery is fully charged is up to 531 km. The performance is great for the dual electric motor system to produce acceleration to 100 km per hour only in 3.7 seconds. The car energy is supplied by the battery of Lithium-ion 75 kWh placed on the car’s floor. This way, even the gravity center also tends to be lower to cause a more stable control. The charging duration is 10 hours using the 240V device.

Tesla Model X Long Range

Again, Tesla places its product to the row of electric cars with the longest range through the Model X Long Range. It is an SUV car that takes the Model S basis. You can drive the car up to 527 km by fully charging the battery. Additionally, it is spacious with a capacity for 7 passengers with unique interior and exterior designs. What makes the car different from others is the application of Falcon-Wing, a modification form from the iconic Gull-Wing. The Lithium-ion battery used has a capacity of 100 kWh that needs to charge in 10 hours. 

Images by Roberto Nickson, Latrach Med Jamil, Bram Van Oost, Jorgen Hendriksen on Unsplash

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