Self-Driving Car Technology

self-driving car technology
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Self-driving car technology is not a thing from the future. Nowadays, you can easily find them or at least the prototype of this autonomous system vehicle. Numerous car manufacturers and technology companies try to implement this system in a car or vehicle. For example, Toyota formed the Mobility Teammate Concept to design this system or Google Cars that run without a driver. How about self-driving car technology?

The Self-Driving Level

Currently, the self-driving technology still uses the command entry to decide how the car will run from point A to point B. However, in the future, autonomous technology has grown into a much more complex system. When a vehicle has this technology, you don’t need to drive your car at all. Enter the car, sit down, and relax. The car will take you to your destination.

The Important Factor that Affects the Self-Driving Car Technology

The current self-driving technology uses two elements to operate. It uses the sensor to detect the condition around the car and the online mapping to determine the route to take. However, compared to future self-driving technology, this system is too simple.

In the future, the self-driving system will depend heavily on AI. The AI will control everything, from the best route to take, the sensor to avoid an accident and even other factors that improve the comfort of your trip. 

self-driving car technology

The current technology is also unable to avoid the spontaneous occurrence that happens in the middle of the trip. For example, you must already know about the recent Uber self-driving car fatal accident, didn’t you? It happened because of the interruption to the signal that controls the car.

Future technology doesn’t use that system. The car will have a stand-alone system. Therefore, any obstruction, such as a jammed signal or visual obstruction, won’t affect the self-driving system. It also increases safety quality. Moreover, the AI level is much higher than today. In short, the future AI can think itself to provide the best service for the passenger.


It seems that the self-driving car future technology far from reality. However, we can see the base of the advanced AI technology that will become the core of self-driving technology in the future. This part is what we need to see. If we see the new and better AI technology in the future, we can expect that the perfect autonomous car or fully self-driving system will also emerge. 

Image by falco and Julien Tromeur from Pixabay

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