How Much Electric Car Cost – Pros and Cons

How Much Electric Car Cost – Pros and Cons AUTOMOTIVE MOTION
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Knowing how much electric car cost might be a thing that keeps you away from this vehicle. Even though you and I know well about how interesting EVs could reduce air pollution, the initial price might urge you to skip it out. 

More than anything, electric cars are getting more popular worldwide now. People are getting more aware of climate changes and changing their cars could be a way to minimize the negative impact.

Here are the things you need to know about electric cars. Also, you might find out whether or not this car is for you.

The cost

how much electric car cost, e-tron

Talking about how much electric car cost should be the first thing that crosses your mind when speaking its name. It is usually more expensive than gas-driven vehicles. The price ranges from USD 30,000 and USD 50,000.

Don’t worry because some provinces offer discounts and incentives to make the car more affordable to you. Quebec offers up to USD 8,000 of rebate while BC gives up to USD 5,000. If you care more about the long run, electric vehicles’ fuel is not as expensive as petrol and diesel.

The maintenance is also much simpler than gas-driven cars. Thus, it might be an answer to why electric vehicles are better.

Is it economical?

As has been mentioned earlier, the car might be heftier but the running cost is lower than gas-powered vehicles. You may need up to USD 400 to charge one electric car – it depends on the location and time you charge the car.

On the other hand, you need to prepare around USD 2,000 to fill up your tank for a year. Thus, buying an electric car might be what you need for an affordable running cost. Also, you don’t need to change the oil as conventional cars require.

How far can it run?

how much electric car cost

One single charge can drive your car around 140 to 450 kilometers, depending on the battery capacity. Generally, average people drive less than 80 km per day. Even if you buy a car with a small battery capacity, it can keep driving your three days.

Driving an electric car is recommended for daily commutes. However, you may not want to use this car for long trips. The charging stations are not familiar things for all countries today, not yet. Charging the car could take between 10 minutes to 8 hours, depending on the charging station. Still, how much electric car cost should not make you doubt switching your car to an eco-friendly one.

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