3 Future Car Safety Technology

3 Safety Features You Can Find in the Future Car
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The car safety feature was created to protect the driver and passenger inside the car from any harmful event. Mostly, today’s automobile uses the standardized airbag, collision sensor, and special frame design to reduce the impact. How about future car safety technology? What could a future car offer to protect people who ride it? We have several predictions of what kind of safety technology that you can find in future cars.

External Airbags

Just like its name said, this safety feature will give extra protection against impact by activating the airbag when the accident occurs. It will absorb most of the force that comes from the impact against an object, other cars, or the environment. It is a good idea, as it will also protect the car from damage. You save more money and don’t need to pay for a car repair service.

future car safety technology, external air bag

Transparent Pillars

The current car already has this technology installed in its body. You can find it on the important parts of a car frame. The pillars strengthen this part, so in an accident, it will keep the car body shape from deforming. It helps the rescue team to get the victim away from the car much faster. 

In the future, this technology will improve its functions as well as effectiveness. The pillars will be thicker and much stronger. And, to avoid the view reduction caused by its size, it will be made transparent. So, the driver can easily see the road without being obstructed.

3 Future Car Safety Technology AUTOMOTIVE MOTION

3. Sensor

This technology may be the most logical approach that the future car will use. Today, the development of AI technology grows fast. We expect that in the future, this technology will reach another dimension, where it can easily help you to detect anything and ever predict the accident that even occurs.

When your car finally implements this technology in its system, we will see one of the almost perfect safety features of a vehicle. It helps you to understand the condition. It can automatically take over your car to avoid or minimize the damage. Plus, it also protects the part where the impact will affect more.  

3 Future Car Safety Technology AUTOMOTIVE MOTION


We can easily see the bud of future car safety technology today. Now, we have to wait for this bud to bloom into a beautiful flower. At that time, you have to get ready to witness the significant improvement of safety on the road. 

Images by David von Diemar on Unsplash and Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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