The Top 8 Electric Vehicles With The Longest Range Of 2020

Tesla model 3
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If you want to buy electric vehicles, you need to choose electric vehicles with the longest range. The electric vehicle has a long-range use daily. It means you can charge in your home before you drive away. If you stop and charge at a rapid charge point, it is impossible. You will find the many luxury electric cars models that can get more than 280 miles of range. Why do people choose electric vehicles with the longest range? There are a lot of benefits such as cost of EV, better for the environment, cheaper to maintain, and fast charging. The top 8 electric vehicles with the longest range of 2020 that you can choose as yours:  

Longest Range Electric car

jaguar I-Pace 

One current long-distance car you can select is jaguar I-Pace. This car is just the first model car released. As European carmaker, this car set the high-quality standard for drivers. It is designed by a battery 90 KWh that drives electric motors and can achieve 253 miles.  However, you need to find the best charging point because Jaguar I-pace may spend time charging.

Hyundai Kona electric 

The second electric vehicle with longest range is Hyundai Kona electric. It is not expensive. The strengths of this care are long-range average 290 miles with the completing battery 64 KWh. This car is a popular one because of the combination of cost, performance, and models.  

Longest Range Hyundai Kona electric

Tesla Model 3

The tesla models are always long-waited for many people. The best performance with 20 in wheels can be achieved in a range of 239 miles and made comfortable for drives.

Tesla Model 3 Longest Range

Nissan leaf e+ 

This electric vehicle is not the top longest range than the cars above but by using battery 62 kWH, Nissan can drive among 217 miles. When you cross the corners, you must use extra powers. 

Mercedes-Benz EQC 

The EQC is the first model electric car Mercedes’s production. It completed with an 80 kWh battery pack and combined 402 bhp of torque. This car may have more power than Jaguar and the battery can fast charge. It is compatible daily and the range is more than 200 miles. 

Mercedes-Benz EQC Longest Range

Audi e-Tron 

An electric vehicle with the longest range is the e-Tron models. It is a new generation and a luxury car. Moreover, it is heavy. The world range is 196 miles and supports 150 kWh.  

BMW i3 120Ah 

This is a new model electric car from BMW. The range is around 165 miles and you can drive far away without worrying about finding a charge place along the way. 

Renault Zoe R135 

The last electric car you can buy is Renault Zoe R135. Renault has a 52 kWh battery pack and is capable of driving around 192 miles. The top car to use regularly and low cost, unfortunately, the Renault is falling behind the Hyundai.  

Images by Ed Harvey, Ronnie Overgoor, Charlie Deets, David von Diemar, and by Macau Photo Agency on Unsplash

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