The Success of Electric Vehicles in China

Electric Vehicles in China
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Electric vehicles in China are growing very rapidly. Chinese-made vehicles are usually synonymous with vehicles with not as good quality as Japanese or European manufacturers. But this is no longer valid, the evolution of the automotive industry is happening in China, including electric cars. 

Electric Vehicles in China

The Growth of the Electric Vehicle Industry in China

China has grown to become a country of electric vehicle makers. China produces 99 percent of the world’s 250 million electric two-wheelers. That’s a very big number compared to the total number of electric passenger cars in the world. People can use it without using a license or registration and can be ridden on a bicycle path. With the existence of these two-wheeled electric vehicles, the government can limit ownership of gasoline-powered two-wheelers in cities. Seeing the success of two-wheeled electric vehicles, they accelerate their adoption in four wheels.

Now China has more than 100 electric car manufacturers. The development of the electric vehicle in China was followed by hundreds of supplementary companies supplying components for electric cars. The most important and expensive part of an electric vehicle is the battery. China is a great country. Apart from supporting regulations for industrial progress, China also has a strong relationship with global supplies. Especially for the specific components needed to assemble it. The battery itself consists of four elements: anode, cathode, separator, and electrolyte. According to research, China currently controls between 50 and 77 percent of the global market for this component of raw material.

Transportation hub in Shanghai, China

Apart from focusing on their electric cars, electric buses are also an attractive market for electric vehicles. The total cost from assembly to the maintenance of an electric bus is lower than that of a gasoline-powered bus. Vehicles of this type are predicted to be cheaper in the next three years worldwide. Electric cars are much more efficient. They require less energy to move.

Preparing to Become the World Automotive Center

The success of electric vehicles in China further confirms the future goals of the Chinese auto industry. China has a clear vision of making most of the cars on the roads fully technologically autonomous in the future. China’s technology and manufacturing capabilities still have a lot to go through to make this vision a realistic one

The United States is currently leading the self-driving-car industry. China is eager to compete with America in terms of automotive technology, especially electric vehicles. Therefore, the automotive industry in America encourages the advancement of electric vehicles in China.

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