The Upcoming Electric Vehicle Volkswagen Lineups to Expect

Electric Vehicle Volkswagen
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Many big names in the automobile industry are already aiming to get into the field of electric vehicles or EVs. So far, there is not much to discuss with the electric vehicle Volkswagen. The German car manufacturer is not getting into the depth of the EV market. Yet, it sets a definite target of putting 1 million Volkswagen EVs on the road by the year 2023. That is very remarkable to wait and see.

Unfortunately, it has only a couple of cars under the label of EV so far. People are also questioning the overall quality of any electricity-powered automobile from Volkswagen at the moment. In 2021 the manufacturer has its plan to release up to eight models of either a fully electric vehicle or a hybrid car. That will contribute to the aim of putting 1 million cars of electric vehicle Volkswagen on the road.

electric vehicle volkswagen

One of the vehicles from Volkswagen under the scope of EV is the one called e-up. That name sounds a bit weird for sure. Unfortunately, that is the name of an electric city car from VW. It will deliver up to 79HP at 81 mph out of its engine. It has been around since 2013 as a mass-produced vehicle. You can see it’s a cute and beautiful look at the same time for a city car with an electric motor that runs it.

Another EV from Volkswagen as one of the modern-day electric vehicle makers is the ID.3. Well, that is another weird name for a car for real. The name of both the EVs from VW seems a bit under the level of menacing and intimidating. This one is a faster vehicle than the e-up. It delivers up to 201HP at 99 mph. The 0-60 acceleration is a decent one at 7.3 seconds.


Following the current options of electric vehicle Volkswagen, there is more to expect soon. One of the fascinating ideas to wait and see is the development of the ID range of VW. The name ID will be a range of EVs from VW to hit various segments in the car marketplace. In the ID range of VW electric vehicles will be the ID.3, ID.4, ID Roomzz, ID Vizzion, ID Buzz, and ID Buggy.

Other car manufacturers are already hitting the competitive scope of electric automobiles today. The ID range of electric vehicle Volkswagen is a promising lineup that is worth waiting at the moment. Hopefully, it will eventually enter the competitive scope as well in the future with a winning machine.

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