The Advantages of Electric Vehicle Technology

electric vehicle technology Mercedes EQC
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The issue of switching from conventional (petrol-fueled) cars to electric vehicles is a topic that is currently discussing in some countries around the world. Indeed, you also often talk about electric vehicle technology in the future, one of which is about electric vehicles. Electric cars have been around since the 1880s, and very popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Coupled with current technological developments has made the use of electric vehicles popular recently.

An electric car is a type of car that does not use an engine powered by fuel oil but only relies on battery power (Battery of the Electric Vehicle). Then, how does it work, is it more practical than a gasoline-fueled car?


How an electric car works for charging the battery can be charged using an external power source. Besides, it can also be from the collection of kinetic energy when braking.

Actually, in an electric car, there are 5 main components. Starting from electric motors, control systems, chargers, batteries and also power management, these 5 components work together to be able to drive an electric car.

Then, how can electric vehicles become increasingly popular in this modern era? Here are some of the advantages of electric cars that you should know because it could be that someday you will have an electric car. What are the advantages? Here is the full review.

Easier to Drive

When we compare it to conventional cars, electric cars will be easier to drive. Besides that, the electric car will also provide extra comfort for the driver. It will not make a noise when the engine is running.

The car’s performance or mobility is also very tough. This is because electric cars are supported by a sizable torque. So, you don’t need to doubt its toughness.

electric vehicle technology Tesla model S

No Carbon Emissions

Of course, electric cars are driven using battery power instead of gasoline. Thus, electric cars do not contain carbon emissions at all. The presence of electric cars can reduce air pollution. Especially in cities or countries that have a fairly high population density.

Cheaper Maintenance

The components contained in an electric car are certainly less when compared to the components in conventional cars. So it’s no wonder that the maintenance costs of electric cars are relatively cheaper.

It is not only cheap in terms of component maintenance, but it is also cheap to wash the car. You will be wondering whether electric cars can be washed? Of course, It can. Even though this car is driven using electric power, it does not mean that the car cannot be exposed to water. This car is designed to bulldoze the water that enters the engine.


Because electric cars don’t use gasoline, the way electric cars work is certainly safer. The cases of detonation that often occur in conventional car engines are unlikely to occur in this electric car engine. So what you can expect from electric vehicle technology will soon become evident.

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