The Best Electric Vehicle Startups You Should Know as References

electric vehicle start up
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Did you know that electric vehicles are currently a big topic of conversation? Yes, there are tons of electric vehicle startups. Electric cars are the newest commodity in the automotive world. It is not surprising that previously producing vehicles with internal combustion engines are now starting to expand to electric cars. Not only that, new companies began to emerge to compete with the old generation.

Several vehicle manufacturers around the world present electric vehicles with innovative designs. You should know some of the best alternative electric vehicle manufacturers for your reference.

Best Electric Vehicle Startups


You must be familiar with this startup. This one of the electric vehicle startups is a startup company that originated in China. This company existed since2014 with funds reaching USD 500 million. NexEV uses the funds to develop a very striking electric vehicle brand.

The main purpose of making this car is to appeal to the emotions of the car owner, clear the mind and aggravation of maintenance, and problems associated with pollution. According to the company, electric vehicles with smart technology and connectivity are the future. But they thought that they should make a fundamental shift.

Faraday Future

The next startup is Faraday Future. Founded in 2014, California-based startup Faraday Future is a company headed by a former Tesla employee. They have continued to make the headlines lately as Tesla’s growing competitors. Although there has been a lot of speculation lately that the startup is unable to pay their bills. Like NextEV or Weilmeister, Faraday Future believes there needs to be a fundamental change in the way you deal with your vehicle. According to this startup, in life, you are dealing with energy constraints, a demanding lifestyle, and city congestion, so vehicles follow suit.

Faraday once showcased his FF91, the sleek, sporty EV, at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in June 2017, where he hopes to make a big splash during his public debut. They hope the climb will further facilitate the development of internal techniques.

Faraday Future Electric  Vehicle Start Up

Classic Factory

This 10-year-old Swedish startup came up with an electric vehicle concept with a classic model named Lyonheart K in 2012. As the name implies, this manufacturer is inspired by classic models and focuses on beauty. This year, Classic Factory launched its first car on the market, named Electra. This electric vehicle can travel a distance of up to 600 km on a single charge and can accelerate from 0 to 100 in 2.3 seconds.

Those are about the best electric vehicle startups you should know besides Tesla.

Electric vehicle start up

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