Electric Vehicle Parts: Important Component You Need to Know

Electric Vehicle Parts
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Today, electric vehicles are all vehicles that use the battery pack in storing the electrical energy for powering the motor. It is generally more costly than those conventional vehicles though electric vehicle parts are not as many as their counterparts. Many people can buy new electric vehicles produced by an auto factory or they can convert old and used cars to an electric vehicle. Electric vehicle makers know all parts of a vehicle and what you need to turn those old cars into electric ones. To know better about the parts, we will break them down one by one for you. The parts along with explanations hopefully will give some insights to those who willing to shifting in this type of vehicle.

Electric Vehicle Parts

What are the important Electric Vehicle Parts?

The main difference is the use of electricity that is in batteries to make the motor move and finally produce power. Combustion vehicles using fossil fuel that is exhausted by the engine to generate power. In understanding deeper how it differs from the conventionally powered ones, here we will discuss the parts.

1. The motor of Electric Vehicle

 The motor will convert the energy from the battery to kinetic energy which will move the wheels. It will produce less noise and vibration if compared with the engine in combustion vehicles. As a result, it makes electric vehicles more quiet and comfortable. The motor can also take part in energy saving by generating energy when you are reducing the car’s speed the gear is in neutral.

2. The Reducer

A Reducer is a transmitter that adjusts the motor RPM and conveys an inappropriate amount to the wheels.

3. The battery of electric vehicle

Batteries in electrical vehicles serve the same function as fossil fuel in conventional vehicles. It will store the energy and engine can use it as the power to generate the motor. Battery capacity will determine the driving distance of an electrical vehicle. The more capacity will result in a higher distance and less stop to charge. The battery is a very important component of electric vehicle parts.

Electric Vehicle Parts, BATTERY

4. The On-board Charger

The onboard charger will convert AC power from the charging source into DC voltage and you can use it to charge the battery in the electric vehicle.

5. The electric Power Control Unit

Including in the EPCu are Inverter, Low voltage DC to DC converter, and also the Vehicle Control Unit. The EPCU in charge of controlling the electric power flow in the vehicle.


Those the parts are the key components of an electric vehicle as well as what makes it different from conventional combustion vehicles. The electric vehicle keeps growing today and it becomes familiar in the society. So, you need to know the electric vehicle parts if you want to but the electric car in the future.

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