Is China Dominating The World’s Electric Vehicle Industry?

electric vehicle industry
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Worsening air pollution and climate change have an impact on public pressure on the automotive industry. The European authorities have imposed emission limits for automotive factories. The grow of the electric vehicle industry are the answer to environmentally friendly vehicle solutions. Cars that do not emit these emissions are being developed and needed in the world. Various countries in the world have started mass-selling electric cars, one of which is China.

BYD, Electric Vehicle Industry In China

China Is Leading Position In The Use Of Electric Vehicle

Not only the gadget or household equipment industry but the development of the electric vehicle industry in China has also become a reliable and leading industry and can dominate the global market. China is currently in a leading position in the use of electric vehicles. 

China also has more of the supporting infrastructure of battery charging stations than any other country, including 82 per cent of fast charging installations. Some electric vehicle manufacturers in China can now even produce products that can compete with electric cars with well-known brands such as Tesla.

Electric vehicle China

The Growth Of Industry In China

Even though the stereotype says that cars made in China are usually synonymous with imitation cars or the quality is not as good as Japanese or European manufacturers. But this is no longer valid. The evolution of the automotive industry is happening fast in China, including electric cars. No other country in the world has made as much investment in electric cars as China. No country has the same potential yield as them. If the mapping of green industries is successful, China hopes to reduce air pollution. Then, reduce the lower dependence on imported oil, and become a technology leader in the electrification industry.

Covid-19 Pandemi Impact To Automotive Industry

However, extended holidays to fight the Covid-19 virus discouraged many car dealers from placing orders, as is the general trend. As a result, this also has an impact on the electric vehicle industry. Furthermore, in Hubei Province, the virus outbreak has started to enter. This region is the main car manufacturing centre of production in China. Thus, several giant companies such as the Dongfeng Motor Group and its partner Honda Motor have all asked to delay production. The ominous figure is that industrial sales in China fell about 8.2% last year, pressured in an economy that is weakening. 

Covid-19 and Automotive Industry

But, it’s not China if it’s just going with the current situation. Today, in these difficult conditions the Chinese Government has provided a number of policy supports, including the extension of subsidies for electric vehicles and a tax relief policy which should end in 2020 to 2022, which of course has a positive impact on the electric car industry.

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