The History of Electric Vehicle Growth in the World

history of electric vehicle
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Countries around the world are also in the midst of the issue of switching conventional (gasoline-fuel) cars to the electric car. So, now, talking about electric vehicle growth is a great idea. Maybe you already know one of the famous electric-powered vehicle manufacturers in the world, Tesla.

Do you know who built the world’s first electric vehicle? The answer is not Thomas Alva Edison. Well, it looks like you have to read some reliable sources, along with the history of the inventor of electric-powered cars and the development of electric cars from year to year.

electric vehicle growth

A Brief History of EV

The concept of an electric-powered vehicle existed decades before. In the 18th century, many scientists and innovators from Hungary, Holland, and America began to focus on the concept of battery-powered vehicles. They created several electric vehicles on a small scale.

In the late 18th century, William Morrison’s electric vehicle made its debut in 1890. His electric-powered car could accommodate up to six passengers and traveled at speeds of 22 km/hour.

In the next few years, electric car models have begun to appear in New York City. Even then the number reached up to 60 electric taxis. Entering the 19th century, electric vehicles were at their heyday. Even though in that era horses were still the main transportation.

The EBB and Flow of the EV

In 1912, the petrol cars price was $ 650 while electric cars were selling for $ 1,750.

Because the price is relatively cheap, gasoline-fuel vehicles are increasingly in demand by the public and coincidentally in the same year, Charles Kettering introduced an electric starter system in gasoline-fueled vehicles.

The rapid increase in fuel power cars and the construction of highways connecting various states in America. The discovery of crude oil in Texas finally made car maker have to stop to develop electric cars in 1935.

Absent for approximately 4 decades, electric cars are in trending again and several manufactures starting to develop the electric car to the next level.

EBB Electric Vehicle

The Bright Spot of The Electric Vehicle Era

Precisely in 1988, General Motors led by Roger Smith began building electric power cars. In collaboration with AeroVironment California, they succeeded in making an electric car called the EV1 whose production only started from 1996 to 1999.

The Bright of Electric Vehicle

Seeing the development of electric power car technology in Europe, the Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota, introduced its first hybrid car, the Toyota Prius. The mass production car has sold up to 18,000 vehicles. It is still the operational car of several taxi companies in several countries to this day.

So that’s the historical development of the electric vehicle growth in the world to this day.

Photo by Maxim Shklyaev, Science in HD, and Jorgen Hendriksen on Unsplash

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