The World Predicts How the Electric Vehicle Future Will Be

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Talking about electric vehicles, do you know what about the electric vehicle future? Many experts says that vehicles that use electric power will be the vehicles of the future. They also already remind stakeholder especially automaker company and government in all countries in the world. They need to immediately prepare both in terms of technology and business applications in the future. Here’s the explanation.

The World Predicts How the Electric Vehicle Future Will Be AUTOMOTIVE MOTION

This electric vehicle is a necessity

According to him, the thing that needs to be considered for electric vehicles is the battery technology. Of the sales of around 90 million vehicles per year worldwide, currently, about 0.05 percent includes electric or hybrid-electric vehicles.

The price of electric vehicles will be affordable in the future

Although electric vehicles’ current price is still costly, the price may be more affordable. You may try to analogize it with cell phones, which in the 1990s. It was costly, and only a handful of people owned them. However, it is evident that with increasingly affordable prices due to competition from many products that flood the market. Therefore everyone has a cell phone today.

The World Predicts How the Electric Vehicle Future Will Be AUTOMOTIVE MOTION

Anticipation in The electric vehicle

In some countries, there are no policy moves that could hinder the future development of the automotive industry. However it should be done in normal or natural ways that are left to consumers.

Many parties agree that stakeholders, especially automaker company and goverment must anticipate immediately of the development of electric vehicles because many countries already do so. The electric vehicle is not a debate anymore, but a choice for the future.

Environmentally friendly vehicles are an option

You can see, several countries such as Norway, France, and the UK have set targets of shifting vehicles that use fossil energy to vehicles that are more environmentally friendly.

Nearly 80 percent of the global vehicle market has pushed towards eliminating petrol cars and replacing them with electric vehicles.

The electric vehicle future has been assumed to be very fast. In 2040, the number of new vehicle sales at the global level will already be more electric vehicles sold than conventional vehicles.

The World Predicts How the Electric Vehicle Future Will Be AUTOMOTIVE MOTION

The ambition of the world

One of the biggest drivers of the development of the world’s electric car market is the aspiration to reduce the impact of global warming.

To prevent global warming from getting worse, countries around the world are making ambitious efforts to combat climate change and adapt to its consequences through the Paris Climate Agreement. 

Through the agreement, participating countries strive to keep global temperature rise to no more than 2 degrees Celsius during this century. Many stakeholders already take various steps to achieve this goal. One of them is by reducing the use of diesel and gasoline vehicles. Then, I, you and all of us hope that the electric vehicle futures will be much better.

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