All Best Electric Vehicle Brands Have Plus And Minus

electric vehicle brands
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In the beginning, electric vehicles were not yet popular. However, little by little, electric vehicles are starting to become a consideration for people in choosing their mode of transportation. So, currently, there are many of the best electric vehicle brands. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly are the main reasons that consumer accepts electric vehicles increasingly in the world.

Nowadays, two brands are most passionate about campaigning for the use of electric cars, Tesla and Hyundai.

Electric Vehicle Brands

Well, even though there are many best brands, in general, electricity has plus and minus values. let’s look at the pluses and minuses of the electric vehicle if you intend to buy them.

Positive side

  • More Energy Efficient

Electric cars are different from conventional cars. Electric cars use batteries as their driving power. You can charge the battery of an electric car or recharge it so that you can save more money. Meanwhile, conventional cars require fuel oil as the driving power of the engine. The use of fuel oil is relatively more expensive.

  • Environmentally friendly

What you like most about electric cars is, of course, their environmentally friendly combustion residue. Electric fuel does not emit carbon dioxide into the air or what is often referred to as zero-emission. Of course, it is different from conventional vehicles.

The battery in an electric car
  • Easy Maintenance

Unlike conventional cars, electric cars do not require special care. Electric cars only require battery maintenance. Various treatments such as changing the oil or applying a certain amount of lubricant in some parts are almost non-existent in electric cars, all-electric brands.

The negative side

  • Distance and Recharge Time

Unfortunately, the capacity of the battery that is used as a power source for the engine makes electric cars have limitations in traveling distances. The farthest distance that the electric car can travel is around 120 kilometers. A larger battery capacity is still under development.

  • Limited Speed

Having abundant torque because the distribution of power directly does not allow electric cars to be invited to run fast. There is a limitation of electric car speed.

Electric car

One of the fundamental drawbacks is that you can not modify the engine of an electric car. The wrong modification can cause a short circuit and even a fire which will damage all components or parts.

  • The price is expensive

This drawback is the most unwelcome. You have to replace electric car batteries every 3-10 years. The price is quite expensive. Not only batteries, but units from electric cars are also still very hard to come by.

Those are the positive and negative sides of electric vehicles. So, even if you buy the best electric vehicle brands, you should ready to accept the pluses and minuses.

Images by Eduardo Arcos, Taneli Lahtinen, and Bram Van Oost on Unsplash

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