Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturers: New Things to Know About Electric Car Battery

electric vehicle battery manufacturers
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Before jumping on using an electric car, you might want to know about the electric vehicle battery manufacturers. Knowing the manufacturers allows you to know where to go when the battery needs replacement.

The presence of electric vehicles is getting more popular from time to time. It happens due to the claim that electric vehicles are better than those that use petrol or diesel. Still, there are things you need to know about EVs and their batteries.

electric vehicle battery manufacturers

Electric car battery manufacturers

Today, there are several names of manufacturers that produce electric car batteries. Some of them are quite well-known but you may also find some focal players with less-known names. Tesla and Nissan are among the popular names.

On the other hand, some significant players come from LG Chem and BYD. Talking about the electric vehicle battery manufacturers, LG Chem supplies batteries for Volvo, Chevrolet, Ford, and Renault. 

Electric car battery manufacturers

This manufacturer also signed a contract with Tesla in which all Tesla vehicles produced for China will get the battery supply from LG Chem. Many people believe that electric cars release fewer emissions which is why electric vehicles are better. 

Charging the battery

Most electric vehicles use lithium-ion batteries. The battery comes with either big or small size – the battery size represents a fuel tank on a conventional vehicle. The fuel is measured in kWh instead of liters.

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A typical electric car with a 40kWh battery pack could run at least 150 miles. Tesla’s biggest battery pack – with 100kWh capacity – could run up to 375 miles. If you use the car for daily activity, it might be enough for up to four days.

Safety matters

Despite being a bit friendlier for the environment, safety is another issue that arises among electric vehicles. But you don’t need to worry because the manufacturers have gone this far to make sure that everything is right and safe.

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Batteries for electric cars are designed quite well so it won’t overheat or get into other similar issues. They generally turn warmer when charged and discharged. Thus, the car is designed to maintain a cool temperature. Higher car models come with a liquid cooling system.

Electric cars are better than conventional vehicles

The batteries can be brought back into the factory’s energy cycle. The habit of electric vehicles is designed to be sustainable in so many ways. Humans can do what they like to do without hurting nature in the first place. And this is anything you need to know about electric vehicle battery manufacturers.

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