electric car with the longest range: 4 Best Products

tesla electric vehicle
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The longest range of the electric car depends on the quality of the battery it brings. Therefore, every series must have its own electric car with the longest range. Interestingly, the ranges of one car to another are not significantly different. It is not only about the competition of one brand to another. More than that, some series from different brands use the same battery types and features. Sure, the performances given tend to be similar also. Talking about the electric car longest range with a full battery, here are 4 the best product.

Tesla Model S

So far, the S model from Tesla is still the electric car with the longest range in the world. It is around 335 miles or 539 km powered by the Lithium-ion battery kWh that supports the double-motor electric system. The design also becomes another reason why this car is highly demanded in the market despite the expensive price. Yes, Tesla is indeed well-known for modern futuristic cars with a unique design. For the S model itself, the design is quite minimalist but it even makes the car look cooler.

Electric Car Longest Range

Tesla Model 3

The second electric car with the longest range is still from Tesla. It is model 3 that can pass through a distance of 310 miles or 498 k with a full battery. The range can even be longer if you drive the car slower. You can take a look at the Long Range AWD specifications to know the range details. There are two electric motors applied here. Each of them produces power up to 80.5 kWh. For the performance, it should not be questioned anymore. 

Electric Car Longest Range

Tesla Model X

Still from Tesla, the third electric car with the longest range is Model X. The battery applied is still powerful making the car can take a trip of a maximum of 295 miles or 474 km when the condition is full. Uniquely, the brand indeed doesn’t produce the car as the leading product in terms of range and performance. But you can just take a look at it. It is at the third rank in the world. 

Electric Car Longest Range

Polestar 2

Polestar tries to compete with Tesla by releasing Polestar 2. It is a kind of compact sedan-crossover, very suitable for you who look for a simple-designed car with maximum performance. There are 2 electric motors applied that are powered by the 78 kWh Lithium-ion battery to move the four wheels. A little bit slower than Tesla Model X, an electric car with the longest range simply runs on the road up to 275 miles or 442.5 km.

Electric Car Longest Range

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