Things to Know About the Electric Car Home Charging Station

How should an electric car home charging station be? Electric cars are indeed highly demanded currently. The car is indeed more environmentally friendly as it doesn’t produce pollutants and emissions just like fuel. Yes, with the powerful battery implemented, you can even take a trip for more than a hundred kilometres when the battery is full.

But here is the problem. Not all people are knowledgeable enough about how to recharge the battery. Sure, it needs more power and the recharging process is not as simple as when you recharge your mobile phone. So, here are some tips to charge your electric car.

The Minimum Power Capacity

Despite many benefits it gives, it is reasonable if the owners of electric cars are commonly the rich ones. It is because you still need to provide many things to make it work well. One of them is the minimum power capacity of 2,200 watts. Sure, the bigger it is, it will be better. Even to charge some particular series, you need more power. For example, it is if you choose Tesla electric cars. On the official website of Tesla, it is said that the charger of Tesla Wall Connectors need 2.8 kW or 2,800 watts minimally.

The Charging Duration

While the power capacity may cause problems for some people, the charging duration is quite friendly. Yes, it takes from 2 to 4 hours to fill in your battery fully. It should not be a big deal since you may not drive the car all the time. As a solution, if you are too mobile, you can charge it at night while you are sleeping. It is even okay for some car types to be overly recharged without giving a problem. For example, you oversleep so that the car is charged for more than 5 hours. Sure, if you can avoid it, it is getting better.

Going to the Public Charging Station

So, what should you do if the wattage at home is lower than the requirement given by the car? You should not increase the power in a rush. There is an alternative that is considered more convenient. It is by going to the public charging station. Commonly, it is in the same place as the fuel station. Indeed, you may need to wait in line since many other cars may have been there. Besides, you must pay for it. The cost varies depending on the power or the type of electric car you have.

Photo by Ed Harvey on Unsplash

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