Is Electric Car Charging Stations Free

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Is electric car charging stations free? There are some classic comparisons between an electric car and the fuel-engine car. Electric cars are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Sure, those things are completely right. It is by remembering that the fuel stock in the world is getting less and less. The term energy-saving also refers to crude oil, the main ingredient of the fuel for cars.

electric car charging stations

So, electric cars are chosen for the benefits they give. However, it doesn’t mean that it is without problems at all. To power it up, an electric car needs to be charged in a station with a big capacity. At least, you must raise the power capacity to 2,200 watts at home to enable the car to charge at home. Of course, it is not a small amount since the monthly bill will be higher as well. The solution is by going to the electric car charging stations and filling in the car’s battery there.

Is it free?

Of course, it is not. In the US, it is approximately $0.11 per kWh. Meanwhile, the wattage consumption is different from one car to another depending on the brand and series. One of the famous electric car brands is Tesla. It provides various cars with long ranges. Even some of the products are the longest-range electric cars in the world. So, those products may need bigger wattage consumptions. 

Count the Distance of the Trip

Interestingly, the car should not be charged too often, although, again, it depends on your mobility. So, it is better to count your distance if you want to conduct a long trip. This way, you can optimally utilize the car’s battery. Sure, the wiser way is by fully charging when the battery is almost empty. The electric car charging stations is no longer available in every area anyway. Therefore, it will be a big deal when the battery is empty before arriving at the destination.

Is a hybrid car a good choice?

So far, a hybrid car is still a better choice nowadays than a fully-electric car. It is related to flexibility for sure. In case you cannot find a charging station in the current area, you can still use conventional fuel to power up the car. This type of car is also considered more economical. The electric power is still recommended to use more often for sure. But if sometimes, you want to save up your money, the fuel engine can be utilized.

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