4 Best Electric Car in the World’s Market So Far

Which electric car is the best? Since many years ago, governments from countries around the world have declared energy-saving programs. It is because of crude oil, the ingredient for fuel that is getting limited. Besides, the use of soil also tends to be dangerous for the environment by causing pollution. The production and the use of the electric car is one of the efforts to save the environment. It is also supported by famous automotive brands that currently produce some series of electric car products. So, which are the best among them? Here is the list.

Chevrolet Volt

The car producer from the US is well-known for giving new innovations to its products. So far, the best electric car seen from many indicators comes from the brand. It is the Chevrolet Volt. Indeed, the car is not fully powered by electricity. Chevrolet still applies the Hybrid concept to it. The first variant of Chevrolet Volt was introduced to the market in 2010. The design is cool and the performance is incredible. It features a 24-kWh Lithium-ion battery to take a trip for a maximum 117. 

Tesla Roadster

Different from other brands that have produced fuel-engine cars before the hype of electric cars, Tesla always focuses on environmentally friendly cars since the beginning. It applies electric engines to all its car series. One of the best products of this brand is Tesla Roadster. It takes a trip for up to 383 km with a full battery. Additionally, Tesla always implements modern-futuristic designs on its products, making them different from others including in Tesla Roadster.

Ford Focus Electric

One of the electric car products from Ford is Ford Focus Electric. The car is not only considered one of the best in the world but it also has been awarded “Green Vision Car Award”. To make it run well on the road, the product is equipped with a 23-kwh Lithium-ion battery. This way, the car can take a trip up to 122 km.

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf is known for its unique design without leaving functionalities behind. In terms of the performance, the city car has an 80-kwh Lithium-ion battery making it able to run up to 117 km with a full battery. It also has some other stunning features that make the driver and passengers just feel comfortable when being inside. It also has gained many awards since the first time of production. So, which electric car is the best? Nissan Leaf is one of them.

Images by Jannes Glas, Giorgio Trovato,Cam Bradford, Mirciov Dan, and Ed Harvey on Unsplash

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